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Microsoft Technology Chief Reports Improved Supply of Nvidia’s AI Chips

In a positive development for the technology and artificial intelligence (AI) industries, Microsoft's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has indicated that

By Anurag Rajput 3 Min Read

CNN’s New CEO Thompson: Navigating Chaos Towards Long-Term Viability

As the media landscape faces unprecedented challenges and rapid change, CNN has placed its bets on its new CEO, Chris

By Anurag Rajput 3 Min Read

Amazon Introduces Ads to Prime Video, Offers Ad-Free Option for Additional $2.99 a Month

In a move that's sure to grab the attention of its massive user base, Amazon has announced plans to introduce

By Anurag Rajput 3 Min Read

United Airlines Pilots Approve New Contract with Up to 40% Raises

In a significant development for United Airlines and its employees, the airline's pilots have overwhelmingly approved a new contract that

By Anurag Rajput 4 Min Read